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Founded in Germany in 1998, INOXEN is a world - renowned provider of smart home and project solutions. INOXEN's superior range of products not only exemplifies German quality standards, but is developed with the philosophy of "functionality" and "easiness" in mind to offer reliable solutions for both professionals and consumers.

Since the establishment in Vietnam in 2019, INOXEN has been continously improving and expanding it's products and services, making the key components of Vietnamese home - door security as well as kitchen, wardrobe, and bathroom - much more efficient spaces.

With innovative solutions, an excellent delivery service and a dedicated team, INOXEN Vietnam looks to create more modern and optimal living spaces for Vietnamese in the future. 

With almost two decades of experience and exprertise knowledge, INOXEN has been trusted by many famous architects, desingner, contructors, and developers around the word, when it comes to smart home and project solutions. In Vietnam, INOXEN has too established our name as a reliable solution provider among professionals across the sectors of architecture, funiture and real estate

INOXEN solutions are developed with German technologies and quality standards to be of the highest functionality, offering you easiness that will translate into efficiency.

As INOXEN boasts large distribution centers around Vietnam, almost everything you need is ready for order.

Door-to-door service. With speed

INOXEN solutios come with huge customizabillity to be perfectly suited for every different need

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